Wednesday, 19 January 2011


is it ok to be just a little bit selfish just for the sake of wanting to be happy throughout my pregnancy?
made a decision today, and it's dead selfish! coz it only benefits me, just me.
forgive me, but hey, i'm pregnant, carrying a life inside me, so i need a peace of mind!

my body is crying out, the fatigue and tiredness that was supposed to subdue when entering the 2nd trimester is still here and getting worse! joining forces with back pain, enough to make me melepek..

oh hello heartburn! so you've decided to come again ehh? ingatkan dah lari jauh2 dah...baru nak gumbira sikit..
but alhamdulillah, now my appetite has came back, so bile rasa pedih hati or lapar, makannnnn jommmm!

suddenly remembered what the GP said to me during my 1st checkup, not too long ago. she was promoting the emma's diary to me (pregnancy guidebook). she said "you can ask for this book at the counter, it's a guide book for pregnancy, but since this is your 3rd pregnancy, i'm sure you are an expert!" oh, how wrong u are doc! each pregnancy feels different to me. org melayu kata pembawakan budak, berbeza2..entahler...apapun dugaan/ sakit/cubaan akan ku harungi juge demi anugerah Illahi ni, insyaAllah. just give me my much needed peace of mind, please..

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