Tuesday, 2 December 2008

PhD: To go or not to go

Next year giliran PhD for both me and husband dah tiba. huhu..i still remember my entry earlier this year that no matter what i must go for PhD next yr. well...that was before Nurul Qystina came into my life. Now, i'm not sure to go for PhD or not next year.

The reason why i'm so berbelah bahagi is only one: whose going to take care of my baby when both me and hubby are studying?? PhD is very serious business and need full concentration and i definitely want to do well. but friends from oversea said it definitely not easy when both parents are studying: not easy for the parents and the children. often, studying couples needed help to babysit their children. Free of charge nurseries are available in UK, but only for children 3 years old and above. Some couples bring their sis/mother/relative with them to oversea. that is a good idea, except that i don't have any younger sister, my mom and mom in law are unable to come with me and i don't have any close single female relative. so the only alternative i have is to hire a nanny/helper. but that's out of the questions since my list of requirements for a nanny/helper are too long that i don't think anyone could fill it! hehe.

So i'm now in a dilemma.. actually i already made a decision: to follow one of my motto; family comes first. But i'm still not sure it's the best decision..i guess the right thing to do now is to pray and ask for guidance from the Almighty. Whichever path that Allah SWT allow me to take, i'm sure that's the best for me and my beloved family..