Monday, 30 July 2007

someone gave my pc a virus today!!!

Oh no! someone gave my pc a virus today..luckily it's nothing serious. The virus blocked me from using Mozilla, so i have to open wsites using IE..

what kind of virus is this? it's very annoying and very frustrating.. to me, PC viruses are among the most annoying thing (or rather program) in the world. it makes you want to scream!
Here are the 3 most annoying viruses I've encountered so far:

1. the most annoying virus would have to be the one that makes your PC suddenly shut down and corrupt your hard disk. Usually it comes with a window message "your PC will shutdown in 60 seconds.."

2. the second most annoying is the one that corrupt your YM. once you're PC is infected, your YM will automatically send "alien-language" msg and link to all your ym friends, over and over again. if any of your friend click on the link, congratulations to him/her, his/her pc has been infected with the virus..

3. the third most annoying virus is the one in my PC now!!! blocking me from using Mozilla.. :(

never mind, sabar2.. I'll just let the pc on, with anti virus scanning before i go home today. hopefully the virus will go away.. slamat berjuang wahai antivirus!

Friday, 20 July 2007

i learn something cool today

i learn how to use iGoogle today. what a cool gadget! using it i can open multiple websites on a single page. how space and time saving!