Thursday, 23 April 2009


If i have to rate my level of kesabaran, i honestly have to give myself 6 out of 10. huhu.. I admit it, i'm not really a very penyabar person. even my husben pun ada gak tegur my ketidaksabaran.

One of the thing that i hate most is waiting.Be it waiting for my husben, waiting to be served at kedai makan, waiting for turn in klinik kerajaan or pejabat kerajaan, i could only sit idle for maximum 5 minutes. then i'll start to get bored, n mulela episod muke masam n mulut muncung.hehe. that's why, everytime i go for regular prenatal checkup, i always bring something to read and make sure the battery of my hp is full. take this morning for example, i have to sit waiting for 4 hours at clinic for checkup. 2 hours waiting to be checked by the nurse and another 2 hours waiting to see the doc..imagine what will happened if i hadn't brought anything to read or play.. surely i'd go beserk and run amok at the clinic.hahahaha. what an ugly sight it would be!  tp kan...yg peliknye, waiting in a long queue semasa nak bayar shopping xpelak. i can wait dgn penuh kesabaran utk membayar semasa shopping! pelik tul...

one more thing, i really2 hate if someone potong queue. org dah tunggu berjam2 tiba2 ade lak nak potong barisan.huhuhu...memang nak kena ni!

Being impatient is really something ugly, i know. and truthfully, i admire some people who are very penyabar and could wait hours and hours. can i improve my tahap kesabaran ekk???

Monday, 13 April 2009


I hate perempuan yg gedik2.

If it's a young girl, it's still ok, still acceptable. girls are suppose to be gedik.. it's in their nature ( yeke? hehe)

But if yg gedik2 tu is a middle age woman who by the way is married and have kids, oh, i cannot accept that! it's very2 annoying!! makes me wanna slap her face!

Thank God she's not my friend, all my friends are sensible women :) 

That's all, thank you.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

i wish..

wish i won't be so tired after coming home from work

wish i could have more time to play with my baby

wish i'm not too tired to cook

wish my baby didn't have to go to the nursery 

............wish i was at home